Bosporus restaurant came from the dream of friendship. The bridge from Turkey to United Arab Emirates was opened to build an authentic Turkish cuisine restaurant. A place where you can enjoy many of the dishes originated from Turkey. Dining from our restaurant feels better and saves your hunger. We are usually preferring a rich breakfast, homemade food for all; although our generation pushes the innovation of food service, meat and vegetable dishes, non-alcoholic beverages, and especially a range of savory sweets/desserts & fresh breads which you will feel that you are in Turkey. For some adventure and leisure, the restaurant has different areas with the reflection of each city in Turkey (Bursa, Izmir, Antalya and Istanbul) whereas you can stay for a while and feel at home with the very accommodating and friendly staff. We also make food for delivery where you can find in online websites or via call and catering services for different occasions. We are looking forward for more branches to open in different countries around the world in the future.

Website: http://thebosporus.com