Global Catering Services or better known as GCS, founded in 2012, is one of the largest and fastest growing food inspired companies in the UAE. It serves as a significant F&B, retail. manufacturing and wholesale arm of the parent company. GCS started its celebrated journey with acquisition and introduction of renowned restaurants and eateries, which have since then become important culinary landmarks and an indispensable part of the food & beverage space in the UAE.


This ambitious journey in establishing UAE as the world-class culinary destination, began with the acquisition and re-establishment of locally prominent restaurants and roasters in Abu Dhabi, who have been in the industry for more than three decades, like Zahrat Lebnan, Lebanese Roaster and Nasr Grill, to name a few.

Apart from revamping restaurants and reintroducing them better than ever, GCS also has a talent for creating their own unique concept. The brands speak of the rich, hospitable and ever so innovative and unique culture of the UAE.

Verdura, which is the newly opened Brand, is GCS’s very own concepts, which has been developed by carefully studying the market and catering to the needs of the consumers.

GCS aims at renovating many more brands in the future and reinstating them with a touch of their signature flair, in the hopes of providing vibrant and multi-cultural residents of the UAE a taste of the best. GCS strives to constantly reach the demands of the ever-growing F&B market of the UAE, while maintaining the quality of service.

Having an elegant style of catering, GCS’s catering arm is their most versatile division, with services that can be tailored for various types of events. Offering an extensive menu for corporate and private occasions, GCS has provided their catering services to numerous esteemed clients in the UAE.

Since its inception, GCS has successfully positioned itself as a leader and an industry expert in the F&B, retail, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution sector with a total of 11 distinguished brands under one umbrella, from single owner-managed restaurants to national and international chains in the UAE and MENA region. The continued success of GCS is a product of high standards, hands-on personnel and consistent quality of the services offered.

GCS provides an extraordinary experience to its customers, ensuring complete satisfaction.  The group also boasts of a manufacturing and wholesale wing under Meera Al Sham Global, consisting of brands such as Diwan Al Muhanna, Malaza and Lebanese Roaster, while Golden Sands is responsible for the distribution network under the group. Global Catering Services is working aggressively to expand their FMCG division, along with the introduction of new manufactured products.



Our brands exist for many years within Abu Dhabi market. Now the time has come to spread our renowned brands within the UAE and the other GCC market as well.
We aim to self-build an unrivalled journey that brings together culture as well as hand crafted, fresh and distinguished food experience.



Through our choice of F&B Brands and cuisines we aim to create an overall experience that allows UAE residents, to “escape their busy and fast track life and stepping into a robust variety of flavors and traditions passed from many generations.